We specialize in distributing valuable and exceptional digital products, ensuring our customers receive top-notch offerings.

Utilize our extensive network of top-performing partners to reach a vast customer base and connect with millions of individuals who are ready to make purchases.

Be Smart - Earn Smart

Sale-based Payment

SmartNetwork is great for affiliate programs since you only pay when you sell.

Sell Unlimited Products

No longer will you be constrained by limitations on the number of products.

Sub Affiliate

Let you sign up affiliates and get a cut of their sales as payment.

Discover Marketplace

Find the best products to promote with minimal effort.

Payment Processors

Payment is effortless handles by Paystack and Flutterwave.

Instant Sale Alert

Instant sale alert lets you track sales and immediately deliver products.


What We Do

Smartnetwork is a digital and Affiliate Marketing Company where we help creators of digital products get more sales and connect with more customers via our platform and network of high performing affiliates.

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Over 70k affiliates.

Earn money as an affiliate promoting high quality products

Sign up as an affiliate and start promoting any of our life transforming products and you can get as high as 70% commission for each sale you Made.

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Get Paid Recommending High Value Digital Course From Top Experts

You can earn money by recommending any of the high value digital Course on Smartnetwork to your subscribers and followers. All you have to do is use the unique link of each Digital Course that our system provides on your Dashboard Our highly effective tracking system ensures that you are compensated for Each sales you make.


Getting the SIG Program offers you

  • Fast income Affiliate marketing Blueprint (About affiliate marketing and how to Earn 50%-70% commission on each sales as an affiliate)
  • Quicktab Smartphone Graphic design (Course on how to create good graphics with your smartphone and earn 6 figures weekly)
  • Web design for smartphone (how to design good-looking websites with your smartphone without coding)
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SIG Programme

3 Top Selling Products!

Digital Product

Over 100 hot selling product available on Smartnetwork⬇️


The SIG PROGRAM is a program that consist of several high income digital courses ranging from Affiliate marketing, Web design for smartphone and quicktab Smartphone Graphic design course.This course w...

₦5,000 / $10.0
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THRIVE HIGH INCOME SKILLS ACQUISITION PROGRAM. (LEARN, IMPLEMENT, EARN).  Thrive is a dynamic platform that provides individuals with the digital skills necessary to succeed in the modern wo...

₦15,000 / $30.0
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